CapraCol® is a colostrum replacement for kid goats and lambs. It is produced from the highest quality, from guaranteed 12-hours colostrum, with subsequently high immunoglobulin levels. Every batch of colostrum is harvested from a wide range of cows, and therefore offer a similarly wide range of immunoglobulins which will protect against an array of pathogens.

Our colostrum replacement is collected from paratuberculosis-free farms. In addition, the dehydrated product is further treated so that all bacteria are destroyed. At the end of the production line, every batch of CapraCol® is tested for the presence of paratuberculosis bacteria.

Each batch of CapraCol® receives a Certificate of Analysis, whereby both quality and the absence of paratuberculosis bacteria are guaranteed.

All of our products conform to the European quality management requirements (ISO 9001 2005) and are covered by the global GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance certification.