CapraCol® is a colostrum replacement (feed) for kid goats and lambs. CapraCol® is dehydrated 12-hour bovine colostrum supplied only by farms awarded the highest certification in hygiene.

CapraCol® is additionally treated against pathogenic microorganisms such as paratuberculosis. CapraCol® is the highest quality colostrum, as defined by its immunoglobulin levels. CapraCol® also contains natural bactericides and virucides such as lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and lysozyme. The incorporated growth factors stimulate the young animal’s growth and development.

CapraCol® is a form of passive immunity, providing long-term heightened immunity in kid goats and lambs.

CapraCol® can be used to raise orphan kid goats and lambs, minimising risk for CAE and paratuberculosis infections. Supplementary gamma radiation treatment means CapraCol® is safer than untreated frozen colostrum.