Colostrum management for goat and sheep lambs

  • Gut flora consists of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of different types of bacteria that contribute to the growth, development and immunity of the animal.

    Short-chain fatty acids for intestinal health

    Short-chain fatty acids for intestinal health
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  • Bottle raising kid goats reduces the spread of disease from mother to baby. To allow bottle-fed young to grow in the most natural environment possible, many goat keepers give colostrum replacements.

    Why do goat breeders choose CapraCol®?

    Why do goat breeders choose CapraCol®?
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Lamb colostrum for rearing goat kids and sheep lamb

Motherless rearing of goat kids and sheep lamb requires colostrum from a high quality. The quality of colostrum is indicated by a high amount of antibodies and proteins. The antibodies take care of the passive immunization and the proteins are nutrients for the body. Colostrum should be well-soluble, free of paratuberculosis, BVD and other pathogens.

CapraCol® is safe lamb colostrum of the highest quality. This is easy to measure due to the high amount of active components, like the antibodies (immunoglobulins) and the high amount of proteins.

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